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Wood Fences

Materials and construction can mean success or failure when it comes to your wood fence. Our cedar wood fences are built using the best material available on the market, making your Lincoln home stand out from the rest. 


The second major factor with residential wood fencing is the way it is constructed. Ringer Fencing uses 4×4 pressure treated pine posts on our typical wood fence. For added longevity and wind resistance, we offer Halco Postmaster posts as an upgrade.

Remember to stain your wood fencing to provide the best long-term protection.

An available option that we offer to prolong the life of your fence is staining. Staining your fence helps protect the wood against ultraviolet rays, moisture, and graying of the pickets. We recommend re-staining your fence every couple of years as the procedure is much less expensive than replacing the fence. 

The typical cedar fence lasts 15 years in the Lincoln climate.

Fence Styles

Board on Batten cedar fence
Board on Batten Fence Style

Board on Batten fence style utilizes an overlapping fence board to create a finish with a true privacy look. 

Lattice Fence Style

Lattice fence styles are a more decorative fence type and are only available in 4 feet high. Lattice fencing is available in both square and diamond layout. All lattice fencing is picture framed for a clean look and to add support.

Lattice cedar fence
Lattice Topper Fence Style

Lattice can be combined with any other style to create a beatiful, traditional look.  This style is one of the most common styles of fencing utilizing horizontal fascia boards to give the fence a clean look.

Lattice Topper cedar fence
solid board cedar fence
Solid Board Wood Fence Style

Solid board fencing is the simplest and most common style of fencing utilizing one board next to the other. Solid board fences can have any picket detail added to the top such as Dog Ear, Gothic, French Gothic, Arch, or Scallop added for customization.

Shadowbox cedar fence
Shadowbox Wood Fence Style

Shadowbox fencing is considered a "good neighbor fence" giving the client a fence that looks identical on both sides. Shadowboxing fencing is a semi-private fence allowing airflow and sight through the openings in the fence boards. Shadowbox fencing can be arched, scalloped, or have a cap board added for optional detail.

Picket Wood Fence Style

Picket fencing style has gaps between the boards ranging from 1"-3" and numerous detail options ranging from flat top boards to Gothic, French Gothic, Dog Ear, and Angle Cut. Picket fencing can be installed in heights ranging from 36" high to 72" high depending on your containment needs.

Scalloped Cedar fence
Custom Accents

CNC (computer controlled) routing can make accent pieces that make your fence one of a kind.  It is more affordable than you think!  Whether it is Nebraska football, your family, faith, or anything else - we can incorporate it. Staining and sealing services are also offered.

Custom fence
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